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Required calipers mounted gas nozzle upward when installing calipers to avoid affecting results

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VTTR Forged 6-pot Caliper Kit installation

Warning: Do not install a big brake kit by yourself unless you are very competent mechanic.

  1. Please check the wheel design and size could be contained the 6-pot caliper kit.
  2. For any question or assistance of caliper kit installation, please contact with VTTR
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  3. Wheel–cleaning solution and other strong acids cleaner will damage the finish on caliper or Aluminum anodized finish and specially the plating on the hardware. Please avoid over-sprayiing and rinse cleaning solulation off as quickly as possible.
  1. Please examine all kit contents are packed in the carton
    1. 6 piston Caliper × 2
    2. Racing Rotor disc 330mm × 2
    3. stainless steel brake line × 2
    4. Adapter/ Bracket × 2
    5. High performance Sport version brake pad × 1 set
    6. Bolts × 1 set
  2. Jack the car safely in the air and remove the front wheel, caliper, rotor disc, and clean the HUB surface side which in touch with rotor disc. Disassemble one brake at a time, so you can reference the other caliper when you are putting the caliper and brake pad back together.
  3. Installation steps
    1. Disconnect the brake line from the caliper and place the new Metal hydraulic hose. Plug the brake line. (Brake fluid will demage most painted surfaces Immediately claen spilled brake fluid from any painted surface, including the caliper.) DO NOT allow the master cylinder reservoir to run dry and suck air.
    2. Install the caliper adaptor/bracket.
    3. Mount the new rotor disc to the wheel hub and fix them in place.
    4. Fitting caliper to mount on the bracket, before giving them a final tightening, make sure the caliper is center over the rotor and the bleed nipples are on the upper of the caliper.
    5. Loosen 2 bleed nipples until the nipples to overflow brake fluid, then lock up the bleed nipple.
    6. Remove the caliper bridge bolts using a 5 mm Allen wrench in order to install the brake pad.
    7. Make sure the bleeder valve are locked properly, clean the caliper appearance with water, to prevent brake fluid will not remove the anode electrodes paint of caliper.
    8. Follow the above steps to the other side of wheel.
    9. Be sure to place the caliper with the master cylinder on the top and not the bottom. If you don't you will not be able to properly bleed the brakes. Air will get trapped.
    10. Check the brake line or metal hydraulic hose are without any air.(do this step by manual working, do not use machine)
    11. Review all the steps again
      1. All of screws/bolts are locked-up tight
      2. Be sure the brake line is pointed up and is not kinked in anyway, no any leaking brake fluid
      3. Check the bleed nipples no any leaking brake fluid also
      4. Use water (NOT brake cleaner) to wash the rotor disc and caliper appearance
    12. Install the wheel, rotate slight by hand, and examine the rotor to found whether any unusual tone or wheel freeze situation.
    13. Make sure you have a firm brake pedal and apply brake pedal pressure for about 30 seconds to check for any fluid leaks at the brake lines and calipers, and fill the master cylinder of brake fluid if necessary.
  4. Please refer the specification of Brake pad and Rotor Disc
  5. After installation of 6-pot caliper kit, the ABS light will be on for some of vehicle, after 1-20 kilos driving, this light will be changed to off
  1. Do not use Mag-Aluminum Wheel Cleaner to clean the caliper, in order to protect the surface of caliper which been anode electrodes. Any strong acid/alkali chemical will make the paint erosion or color fading.
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