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The first stage【Brake pad installation】

  1. If change one new set of brake pads and one pair of new rotor disc together, please clean the surface of the rotor disc with cleaner to remove the oil, grease or dust. Because most rotor discs are using anti-rust oil which will cause the brakes slipping, reducing braking force.
  2. Please clean the brake pad supports (springs) of caliper, apply some anti-squeal lubricant which can effectively reduce the abnormal noise brakes.
  3. After the installation of brake pad, please make sure the proper break-in of pad is done. First you should step on the brake pedal at speed of 40 to 60km/hr for several times or normal driving mode about 100 to 150 km. It can reduce the abnormal brake sound in the future and gain higher brake force. It is acceptable that the brake sound is louder during the bed-in period.
  4. The brake performance will not only depend on pad choice but also the rotor disc. After two to three sets of brake pad serviced, please replace the new rotor disc in order to ensure its stability and good brake performance.
  5. When installing the brake pad, please check the brake-related parts and system, such as disc flatness, heat resistance, oil brake hose, the pump function and so on…in order to avoid abnormal brake sound, brake fade or failed of brake force.
  6. When the vehicle is under idling and slightly loose the brake pedal or the moment of brake stop, the sound of "goo goo goo" may be occurred. It is the brake pad and rotor disc work closed. This is a normal phenomenon, please feel at ease to use.

The second stage【During the usage】

  1. If your vehicle installs with sports version brake pad or up grade versions, because of its strong brake force which resulted in a little sound. It does not affect the normal driving safety, please feel at ease to use.
  2. If the brake pad is used improperly and cause brake system temperature too high, the brake pad will produce odor and white smoke.
  3. During the above situation, the brake pedal will gradually harden and step laboriously. The vehicle should be stopped or drive at low speed till brake system temperature returning to the working temperature.
    Note: Each version has different working temperature, so that the recovery time is not the same.
  4. Because of improper braking and severe driving, the high temperature causes the fail of brake force can be recovered within few kilometers drive. However, if the surface of brake pad has been carbonization and cause brake sounds. Please remove the carbonization layer, then the brake noise can be eliminated.
    Note: According to the different versions and working temperature, the recovery time is also different.
  5. Brake pads contain metal material and the dust with static electricity after friction will be adsorbed on aluminum rim, so dust phenomenon can not be avoided and will not affect the brake functions.
    Note: According to the different versions, so the dust phenomena is different.

The third stage【Replace new one set brake pad】

  1. Please continue to use and name VTTR product. It will be able to shorten the period of bed-in time.
  2. Excellent performance brake parts also need good tires and high heat resistance brake fluid. Those can strengthen the brake performance.
  3. Owing to our excellence products and reasonable price, there are some impostors or other people falsify VTTR products. Please recognize our products and support our products constantly to ensure your safety driving.
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